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Topic: Elegy - Live!

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    Elegy - Live!

    I just thought the community here would like to hear a live performance of my Elegy for Trumpet that I posted a while back. The original post here was with FInale 2007's GPO sounds. I present the same work, but played by me (trumpet) and a friend pianist. It is a rough recording, she didn't have much time to practice te accompaniment (I guess the composer made it tough for her ) and she is a 'working mom' with many outside the home as well as inside the home chores. So, please forgive the performance errors.

    For your enjoyment or 'scoffing' pleasure, I present you the "IS IT MEMOREX OR IS IT LIVE" performance of:

    Elegy for Trumpet

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    Re: Elegy - Live!

    Well, I've listened to many versions of this work. I think both of you did a very good job. I didn't recognize any significant mistakes. The live performance brings the piece to life. Good job...

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    Re: Elegy - Live!

    Thank you Michael, I'm glad you enjoyed it (even with the muffs). It's interesting to note that my wife had trouble distinguishing from the live performance and GPO (well at least until I made a mistake.

    Maybe we can get Garritan to include samples of mistakes to create a more 'live' performance?

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    Re: Elegy - Live!

    As you say, William, the recording may be a little
    rough; but the piece surely is not... as I thought
    from your earlier (rendered) post, in live performance
    this shines -- a worthy addition to dramatic trumpet
    concert literature that I should think any trumpet
    player would love to sink his lips into!

    Fine job on this -- and some fine playing.


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    Re: Elegy - Live!

    Thanks David, and also thanks for the info on Lulu.com - I have published a couple there already and have just recieved one in the mail. A downright first class job of printing. Thanks for the heads-up.

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