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Topic: MOTU Firewire Rack unit

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    MOTU Firewire Rack unit

    I see MOTU has a new firewire interface soundcard (not a PCI card) that looks pretty interesting, I think its the 896 or something like that. Who out there has any experience with MOTU equipment / drivers with giga? Are they multiclient? What responds better, a PCI card or firewire device?

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    Re: MOTU Firewire Rack unit

    I have the motu828 firewire and drivers support GSIF. Same with the 896. Definatly better than pci imao. plug and go on winbloz and same on mac. Try\'n with xp right now. Will let ya know how it goes.......

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    Re: MOTU Firewire Rack unit

    Please, post your results and the model of the firewire card that you have in your PC.
    This firewire solution could be something very interesting for many user.


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