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Topic: Soundcard Advice Wanted

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    Soundcard Advice Wanted

    My setup:
    A powerbook G3 running digital performer 3 with only a midi interface (no soundcard). This in turn controls some synthesizers and a PC (windows xp) running gigastudio 160 with an inexpensive 2-channel soundcard (delta audiophile). All this is mixed through a mixer (tascam tm-d1000) onto DA88.

    The problems:
    1) Effects! The built in effects in gigastudio are of almost no use to me because i can only apply them to channels, which for a 2 channel soundcard means washing everything in the same effect (yuck).
    2) Recording audio. The way I have it setup, I can only record audio during the final step onto the DA88, or create gig files and trigger them in the sequence. Neither as ideal as recording them into the sequence.
    3) No real touch-up. I yearn for the polish of hard drive recording, but am a bit confused by how to approach it.

    The questions:
    1) A better soundcard for the PC would obviously solve the no-effects-on-tracks problem, but since I\'d like the output to go straight into another computer for hard drive recording, is there any soundcard that uses just tascam TDIF (or something similar)?
    2) Can I solve two problems (a)no audio in sequences (b)no hard drive recording, by getting a good soundcard for the powerbook (firewire I\'d imagine) sequencing with digital performer and routing the sound back into the same computer for hard drive recording (maybe with protools) ? Will this lead to problems? Do I need a third, dedicated computer for the hard drive recording?

    Sorry for the tedious question. Answering any part of it would be helpful to me.

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    Re: Soundcard Advice Wanted

    The first problem I listed, that effects could only be applied to output tracks from the soundcard (rather than to gigastudio tracks) turned out to be solved by running the win 2k/xp patch! I\'m extremely pleased by this! Good work Nemesys, err uh.. tascam!

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