All I can say is fantastic! My students, and I were completely
enthralled by the analysis you provided, as well as the score with
the included piano part. Two of the students are jazz majors and were
very excited about how Ravel was approaching harmonization from a
chord/scale jazz harmony perspective. They really started to make a
connection with Ravel's approach and what they have been learning in
arranging class for big band; especially the jazz harmonization and
line writing aspect of the score.

The piano part at the bottom of the score is a great teaching tool
for orchestration students. All of my students stated that they would
like to see more scores presented in this format. They all felt that
they were gaining a better understanding on how Ravel approached
orchestrating this movement because of the piano part that was
included in the score.

The next time I teach my orchestration class, this will be required
reading for all of my students, it is that good. I love the new

Rik Pfenninger
Plymouth State University