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Topic: Card for GS2.5 under XP

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    Card for GS2.5 under XP

    Which cards do work with 2.5 and Windows XPpro? My RME does not.
    Thank you.

    Jeannot Welter

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    Re: Card for GS2.5 under XP

    m-audio already have 2k/XP-drivers. Some other cards do so, too (Aardvark?, Egosys?).

    2K/XP-GSIF drivers from RME will be alavlable in mid january (announced for NAMM show).

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    Re: Card for GS2.5 under XP


    Thank you.

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    Re: Card for GS2.5 under XP

    Motu 828 firewire also, but only with version 2.2 and above.

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    Re: Card for GS2.5 under XP

    I tried the Aardvark DirectPro 24/96 under Win2k with no luck. There are beta drivers, but they don\'t work with Gigastudio (or at all).

    Is it worth it to get an M-Audio card and try working with GS under win2k or are things still too buggy?

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    Re: Card for GS2.5 under XP

    I got the audiophile 2496 as an interim solution. It works, but not with the latest driver, the previous one that comes on the CD. However XP gives you all kinds of warnings and recommends not to install this driver...

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    Re: Card for GS2.5 under XP

    I had the impression that M-Audio Audiophile 2496 would work properly with GigaStudio 2.5 and Win2000. Can someone share some more experiences of using this setup?


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    Re: Card for GS2.5 under XP

    The latest driver, WDM5.10.0.26, works flawlessly for me. Note that you need to enable multi-client use; it’s not set that way by default.

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    Re: Card for GS2.5 under XP


    How do you enable multiclient abbilities of Audiophile. I have one too with latest .26 German drivers. Should Sonar and Giga use the same outputs (ie 1+2) or I have to route Sonar to ie 1+2 and Giga to 3+4 spdif.

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    Re: Card for GS2.5 under XP

    Hello Jeannot and Viktor,

    The Audiophile 2496 control panel must be configured to monitor your multi-client apps. First get the latest and proper driver from Midiman.com.

    In the Monitor Mixer tab, be sure to un-mute the channels you are going to monitor. You will be using WavOut 1/2 for one of your apps and WavOut S/PDIF (3/4) for the other app.

    In the Patchbay/Router tab, set the H/W Out 1/2 and H/W Out S/PDIF to \"Monitor Mixer\".

    In the Hardware Settings tab, set the \"MultiTrack Driver Devices\" option to \"Single and In-Sync\".

    All other settings will depend on your setup and interconnecting devices.

    You should now be able to monitor both your apps through the M Audio Mixer. You should create a shortcut to the Mixer on your desktop for convenience.

    Hope this helps,

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