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Topic: Soundcraft/Mackie mixers

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    Soundcraft/Mackie mixers

    Ok, after searching for a decent budget mixer it appears that these 2 companies are the best. How does the Soundcraft M8 or EMP12 compare to either the Mackie VLZ Pro or Onyx in terms of audio quality? I'm not interested in the eq, just the signal path and mic pres. If you were to put them into a table with 1 being the best and 4 being the worst what would your opinions be?

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    Re: Soundcraft/Mackie mixers

    I generally regard Mackie as the Ford Taurus of mixers, but I think the Onyx is a nice sounding little board for the money- especially the pre's and the eq. I would definitely give those a listen and see what you think...

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    Re: Soundcraft/Mackie mixers

    i believe that you can add the Yamaha MG series to your option. For some marketing reason they are not so well known, but they quality is similar to the soundcraft line, and are very robust. You have the same good quality preamps in all the MG series, they are clean.
    Marcelo Colina

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