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Topic: Wamirack24 new driver problems

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    Wamirack24 new driver problems

    Did anybody installed the new driver for the wami? II couldn\'t. The installer is unable to locate the hardware.
    It\'a a pitty. because the old one do not work with my system:
    PIII-550- 512 MB ram- W98SE- GS 2.5

    Any succesfull stories?


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    Re: Wamirack24 new driver problems

    Yes, I have installed the new driver. Didn´t have any problem. But it doesn´t seem to have the Giga Wire function. Perhaps complicated with XP?

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    Re: Wamirack24 new driver problems

    I worked for a while with the 1.31 E-EDM WamiRack24 driver without problem except for compatibility with GigaStudio160 and the rest of my softs (LogicAudio 4.72, SoudForge, Acid, etc...)
    My system is Athon600, 768MB, SCSI IBM 4.5 GB, and the new Deskstar 60GXP 60GB for giga files. I run Win98SE.
    I install recently the 3.1 E-WDM driver. It seems to have a lot of new features, but for example I don´t undertand why I have now 8 input (in Logic) insteed of 4 inputs. But anyway Logic is now a lot unstable and it crash a lot. GigaStudio alone is working well in very short buffer settings (incl 64 samples) and I get much poliphony.

    Ricren: Observe the right way to install the driver. Run at first the Infclear.exe and go to panel control to delete the old driver.

    Gunnar: I will check the GigaWire also but I agree with you. It seems to have disappeared...

    I have sent several message to techsupport@egosys.net
    but for the moment not replied. I would like to have more detailed instructions for this new buggy driver and about the 8 inputs!?
    because WamiRack only have 4 physical inputs (maybe with special conectors since these inputs are balanced, so it is physically possible to have 8 mono inputs, maybe... But Egosys don´t summit a doc file with driver?
    Stay in touch and if you have news tell about please,

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    Re: Wamirack24 new driver problems

    Nice to hear good news from you guys!

    Mine is not working and I can say for shure that I followed the proper procedure to install, like running the clearing program.
    But. did not work..
    I tryed again today and discovered that this thing do not clear all ego files from the system. In >System.ini there was a file called W24pan after the clearing procedure and subsecuent deselect the driver in the control panel.

    Anyway, I\'m feed up. I\'ll give it the last opportunity. After this if it is not working I\'ll kiss it goodbye. I want to make music, not debug buggie software/hardware.

    I\'ll format the C disk with two partitions and I\'ll install W2000 in one and W98SE in the other. I\'ll install drivers on both and then Giga 2.5 -just that. (After all, I\'ll be a dedicated machine). And then I\'ll see what happens.
    I\'ll report back.
    And of course, I\'m glad to listen for suggenstions...



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    Re: Wamirack24 new driver problems

    Hi guys, Im trying to get together a group of people who are having problems with Egosys support (mainly for Wamirack users) and find out what kinds of problems they are having, and what Egosys support is doing about those problems.
    I have a Wamirack20 (with wr24 PCI card) so it\'s basically a Wr24 with 20-bit/48-khz converters
    It uses the drivers fine, but when I use any of the E-WDM drivers, when I output anything more than a small amount of Midi Output, the CPU usage on my computer jumps up and the audio/midi starts stuttering and breaking up very badly. This is the case with 1.31 and 3.x e-wdm drivers. This is not the case with the 1.9 drivers, but this only works with Win98 and I want to upgrade to Win2000 Pro very soon. I also cant stay on the 1.9 drivers, because there are some other serious bugs (midi input dies after first session, must reboot PC to get midi input functionality back)

    I\'ve found one other Wamirack user that suffers from the same problems and I\'m trying to get us all together and force Egosys to do something about it.

    my email is jens@dallas.net


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    Re: Wamirack24 new driver problems


    For anyone who\'s having problems with the latest 3.1 driver. I managed to get it working under my Windows 98 SE by first running the infclear program, then deleting the old driver from Device Manager and then deleting all references to egosys in the registry using \"regedit\". For anyone who\'s never experienced the delights of using regedit - simply type regedit in the run box and then do a search for \"egosys\" from within the registry and then delete the key that it finds. Press F3 to find the next key, delete it and so on. Be warned there are quite a few! Remember messing with the registry can kill your system but it worked fine for me!! After clearing out the registry I rebooted and the new driver was installed OK. Now I\'ve just got to figure out what all the new wave drivers are for ;o)


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