With sadness I report to you the passing of Tommy Johnson, the world's most recorded tubist and a legend among brass players.

While you may not know the name Tommy Johnson, you certainly know his playing if you have seen almost any movie scored in Hollywood since the early sixties, or watched almost any cartoon made since the early sixties, or turned on a TV set any time since the early sixties.

He was one of those rare musicians who could sightread ANYTHING with style as well as accuracy...film composers would immediately write the most intricate and prominent tuba parts if they know Tommy was going to be on the session. He was named the "Most Valuable Studio Musician" so many times that he was barred from receiving the award ever again!

I only crosssed paths with Tommy Johnson once or twice through my own teacher, Harvey Phillips. Harvey always spoke highly of Tommy Johnson as a true pro in every sense of the word. Friends of mine who studied with him spoke of him as an excellent teacher of MUSIC as well as tuba playing.

Attached is a photo...

for those of you who want to know about brass playing in the movies, Marcel Schot has founded www.moviebrass.com . Go there to see who played that monster trumpet lick in your favorite film.

Go to http://www.moviebrass.com/intro/Musi...players_1.html

and be amazed at the zillions of soundtracks that Tommy Johnson graced with his musicianship. He was on Weird Al Yankovic's latest CD, and had also played with the LA Phil and other orchestras.

Perhaps some of you on the west coast worked with Tommy Johnson & can attest to his talent and to the quality individual he was

The moviebrass.com site is a MUST for all of you who are interested in the "pros' pros" who read down those tough parts so easily.