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Topic: WamiRack24-hows the midi latency in GS160?

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    WamiRack24-hows the midi latency in GS160?

    I just put a GS PC togetther for someone and was supplied with a Wamirack24.I use Ark24(Aardvark)-but for midi I use a Motu MicroXpress-its so-so.
    i haven\'t had a chance to test drive my friends system.

    I\'m wondering if anyones real happy with
    the Wami and GS?

    I like the idea of the audio and midi all from one company/device.

    Or are there any other companies offering the audio + 4 ports of midi in one card.None that I can find....

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    Re: WamiRack24-hows the midi latency in GS160?

    I had bad experience with it. Mine arrived with analog ins 1 & 2 dead.

    The driver version 1.9 never worked fine. After 20 notes was a festival of clicks and pops.Awfull.
    when I soo a new driver posted i installed it following carrefully the install procedure but I had fatal crashes when i tryed to select the wami24 device in the config window of Gigastudio.
    I do not know., the machine looks good on specks, but if it does not work for me.(yet?)
    Another issue is that the rack interface runs hot. I mean very hot. It\'s easylly the hotest piece in my studio, and I have docens of devices in it.
    May be someone else can be more positive. I\'m listening.


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