I have 1ghz athlon macine
384 meg of ram
2 fast 7200 rpm drives
delta 1010
windows me

Using Cubase VST32 on a mac as sequencer

the best latency i can get is 12 mls and I can really hear that the timing is off.

Is there any way to get better than this?

the lowest latency that is available in the delta conrtol panel is 8mls and i get huge crackles when i go this low.

what can i do? I have fulfilled every request that Gigastudio has demanded and still the latency is way up there.

when I play the Steinway B samples the delay is very very obvious.

I have the latest multiclient drivers for Win me from midiman. Is anyone else getting alot better performance and lower latency times?

What are you doing that i\'m not doing?