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Topic: Delta 1010 12mls latency?

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    Delta 1010 12mls latency?

    I have 1ghz athlon macine
    384 meg of ram
    2 fast 7200 rpm drives
    delta 1010
    windows me

    Using Cubase VST32 on a mac as sequencer

    the best latency i can get is 12 mls and I can really hear that the timing is off.

    Is there any way to get better than this?

    the lowest latency that is available in the delta conrtol panel is 8mls and i get huge crackles when i go this low.

    what can i do? I have fulfilled every request that Gigastudio has demanded and still the latency is way up there.

    when I play the Steinway B samples the delay is very very obvious.

    I have the latest multiclient drivers for Win me from midiman. Is anyone else getting alot better performance and lower latency times?

    What are you doing that i\'m not doing?


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    Re: Delta 1010 12mls latency?

    Get a Wavecenter PCI card + tango24 DA converter. Latency has a lot to do with a particular sound card\'s GSIF driver and the Frontier is the best in my opinion. Using the Digital outs on my Wavecenter I\'m getting under 5 ms. Even the RME gives around 8-9 ms.

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    Re: Delta 1010 12mls latency?

    I don\'t use Windows ME - according to what
    I\'ve heard it bad in general and really bad for Audio stuff.
    When you set latency to very low on any
    card its vital that the harddisks are set
    to use DMA transfer - otherwise the won\'t keep up and you get cracks


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    Re: Delta 1010 12mls latency?

    My giga/Delta1010 combo performs as well as vany of my hardware samplers ( Akai S5000, Emu S6400 ). I get between 6-8ms no problem.
    Use a good solid seperate midi interface ( don\'t use the Delta1010 midi ) for best performance. I bought a 2 port midi flyer for $ 60...works great.
    You don\'t need to buy any other soundcard...the GSIF driver for the 1010 is excellent...again, just use a dedicated Midi interface.

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    Re: Delta 1010 12mls latency?

    Vudoo, how are you measuring the latency?

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    Re: Delta 1010 12mls latency?

    My main recording rig is a ProTools mix +. Just program a simple groove for about 5 min using either PT midi or Logic audio ( under DAE ). use giga as sound source and record the original midi groove as audio back in PT...zoom in and compare to the original midi groove data to the audio groove...this should give you the latency of the Giga + the A/D going in Pt ( wich is blazing fast under TDM ).

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    Re: Delta 1010 12mls latency?

    A cheaper solution than getting rid of a cool soundcard to buy another, is to set a negative delay on your Gigastudio tracks in your sequencer...

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    Re: Delta 1010 12mls latency?

    Hmmm. I\'m not quite sure from your description if you are actually measuring the difference between the MIDI signal at the input and the audio signal at the output of your GS machine.

    What I\'ve done is set up a test jig similiar to what John Lloyd suggested at: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NemesysMusic/message/2660 I sent the MIDI IN signal as an audio signal to the left input channel and the audio out of the GS machine to the right input channel on my main rig. From there I made several tests on the target GS machine. I created a single key region, mono triangle wave, 1 sec GIG file with no envelopes and sent out a single Note On/Note Off MIDI command. I measured the distance between the leading edge of the MIDI signal and the start of the wave.

    800MHz PIII, BX chipset, M-Audio Audiophile, Roland MPU-401, latest VxD drivers, Windows ME, GS 2.5 beta.

    MIDI Input device -
    Audiophile VxD: 11ms
    MPU-401 WDM: 12.5ms
    MPU-401 VxD: 11.3ms

    I then tried my Aark 20/20 (no MIDI).

    MPU-401 VxD: 8.9ms

    Just for kicks, I pulled out an old sound module I had, an EMU Soundengine (basically a Proteus Lite) and tested that.

    Direct: 6.5 - 7.5ms

    I also took some preliminary measurements with Windows XP and GS 2.5 beta on a different machine (1GHz PIII, VIA chipset). Not suprisingly:

    MIDI Input device -
    Audiophile WDM: 20ms

    Windows ME on the same machine:

    MIDI Input device -
    Audiophile VxD: 10.5ms

    That\'s nearly double the latency. I also tested CPU utilization, but not using the GS meter. I attempted a more realistic test varying CPU speeds and listening for cracks and pops at 160 voices. Preliminary results show that XP requires a roughly 20-25% higher CPU frequency to achieve crack and pop free output. I need to repeat this using an unlocked Athlon CPU for more accurate results.

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