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Topic: Moving the Performance Directoy ??

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    Moving the Performance Directoy ??

    Hi folks,

    because i have 2 systems with an Gigasampler on it (one in my studio setup and one for live gigs), i want to make my performances on my studiosetup and save it on my removable harddisk which i can take to my gig and put it there in my live setup. But......
    The Giga puts the saved performances always into the directory on the root C.
    Right, i can move the file to my removable but then my system tells me that it cannot find the sounds on my host computer.Maybe the problem is over when i can save the performance to the removable (disk D !) Who can help me out.

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    Re: Moving the Performance Directoy ??

    the performances files are very small so
    you can copy them quikly to another drive or disket (remember:copy not cut!)befure you hit the roads...

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    Re: Moving the Performance Directoy ??


    Maybe you could just copy your performance directory to your removable D:\\Performances and, in the live setup, simply copy it to a folder located at the same adress (C:\\Program Files\\GSampler\\Performances).
    Be sure to have same Gigs files name and location in the live\'s drive and in the studio\'s. Do you have the same drive letters on both setups (like C: for giga and D: for gigs..) ?
    If it\'s the same drive (containing your gigs files) your swapping, I can\'t see why it wouldn\'t work (provided there are no kind of encryption or registration informations, making Perf files dedicated to one setup, which I doubt)...

    Hope this helps


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    Re: Moving the Performance Directoy ??

    hi there,

    i couldn´t figure, how to rename and (or)modify performances too.
    very important for my clients!!!


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    Re: Moving the Performance Directoy ??

    Right now, the performances have to be in the \"performance\" file in the GigaSampler folder. Usually C:\\Program Files\\GSampler\\Performances. If you have your GigaSampler software on the D drive, (something we don\'t recommend though) the performance folder would be D:\\GSampler\\Performances or something like that. In the future, we will allow peformances to be put anywhere you want for better organization but for now, make sure they are in that folder. When you move the performances to another GigaSampler machine, you simply copy them to the \"performance folder on that machine\". Very important. You need to make sure the .gig files are actually on this machine for them to work. They don\'t however need the same directory or drive locations. You just need to \"profile\" your hard drives on the second machine so the GigaSampler can find the files. The performance load can even find files in the recycle bin! When a .gig file is created, it gets a unique ID that will stay with it, even if you change the name of the .gig file. That means you can actually rename .gig files that you use in peformances (and move them around) and the performance loader will still find them and load them correctly. However, you must be carefull when creating variations of an instrument. If you simply make copies of the .gig files in Windows and then edit and rename them, the unique ID will follow them and confuse the system. What you should do is open and instrument in the Editor and \"Save As\" using a different name. This will give it a new ID. I figured this out the hard way myself. When ever you move files around, you need to profile the drives so they can be found by the GigaSampler.
    Take care
    Dave of NemeSys

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