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Topic: dsp2000 sound card

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    dsp2000 sound card

    does anybody knows dsp2000 sound card?8 ins,8 out,midi port etc....449,00 bucks.BTW gsif too.

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    Re: dsp2000 sound card

    i have a DSP 2000. Giga Sampler and DSP 2000 do work together. no problems so far.



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    Re: dsp2000 sound card

    thanx Christoph!!!

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    Re: dsp2000 sound card

    I have a DSP2000 and have had a lot of
    trouble - solved most of them though.
    A couple of things remains:

    1. I can\'t get it to live up to the
    specs. S/N wise on inputs.
    I can only achieve around -84 dB avrg.

    2. There seems to be a problem with the GSIF
    drivers which sometimes mess up the data
    from Gigastudio causing the sound output
    to be distorted.

    3. Sometimes the midi input slows down and
    I get a delay from note-on on my master-
    keyboard to the actual sound is heard.

    Its really the first problem that bothers
    me most, but from other users I\'ve heard
    that they can achieve much better results
    so maybe I\'ve just recieved a bad DSP2000
    The output sound is really good though.


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    Re: dsp2000 sound card

    thanx Sapkiller!!!

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