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Topic: Hammerfall DSP & Digiface

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    Hammerfall DSP & Digiface

    Im about to buy the Hammerfall DSP PCI card and digiface for my gigastudio PC system. Is there anything i should know about? Any special drivers or software issues or anything anyone can think about? Im sequencing with pro tools and if you check out my earlier post i lay out the details of my system, all opinions and recommendations will be GREATLY APPRECIATED!


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    Re: Hammerfall DSP & Digiface

    hi Ragner
    Just wondered if you\'er aware of the fact
    that digiface does\'nt have any analog outs,
    except for a single line/headphone out?


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    Re: Hammerfall DSP & Digiface

    Yeah ive got a adat light bridge. I got the hamerfall dsp and the digiface rockin, way better than my old setup
    (motu 308 card, motu pc flyer paralelle midi interface) Latency is near un-audible. I highly recommend the dsp.


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    Re: Hammerfall DSP & Digiface

    hi again
    Actually I\'m also contemplating buying
    a Hammerfall DSP, but had my eyes on the
    Multiface. Now you\'ve got me curious:
    What\'s an ADAT Lightbridge?
    Is it something I should buy and get
    a digiface instead?


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    Re: Hammerfall DSP & Digiface

    The ADAT Bridge is a 16-channel digital translator that lets you add Pro Tools mixing and editing capabilities to your ADAT studio system. Or vice versa. The ADAT Bridge makes integration a breeze, providing ADAT owners with unparalleled ease in expansive and nonlinear editing functions, unlimited expansion possibilities and flexible 20-bit recording - track using 20-bit resolution, then transfer tracks to Pro Tools| 24 and finish production in 24-bit. Add the power and flexibility of nonlinear editing and DSP processing to your ADAT system.

    Im useing pro tools as my sequencer and its so nice to be able to interface the digiface withe the adat bridge to my pro tools system.

    Ive done a lot of experimenting with gigastudio and ive built the ultimate giga pc from scratch, tried a few differnt methods for audio and midi, and the Hammerfall DSP system with the digiface is by far the best. The pci card connects to the digiface via a firewire cable, and get transmit midi at 130mbs.

    Heres what i built:
    AMD Athalon 1.2ghz
    1 gb ram
    kT7A-RAID mother board
    2 7200 rpm ibm deskjet 40 gig ata/100 drives
    , i have tried doing midi via usb and paralelle and with each got anywhere form 5-50 ms of latency, with the hamerfall dsp and the same system im getting un-aduble latency probably around 1.5 ms..

    Bottom line is
    Hammerfall DSP kicked everyone elses *** in my studio


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    Re: Hammerfall DSP & Digiface

    Thanks Ragnar
    Everytime someone mentions Protools my
    bankmanager call me and says NO! :-)
    Its a bit out of my league Im afraid.
    So mayby I\'ll just go for the multiface

    But thanks anyway for the enlightment.


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    Re: Hammerfall DSP & Digiface

    Can anybody point me to a Web retailer that sells RME boards?
    I\'m considering to buy a 96/8 right now.

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    Re: Hammerfall DSP & Digiface

    I bought my RME card from www.bayviewproaudio.com. I\'d recommend them to anyone.

    Steve http://www.mp3.com/stevechandler

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    Re: Hammerfall DSP & Digiface

    Now that Laptops are starting to support ATA100 hard drives, 512mb ram, and PIII 1.5ghZ cpu\'s I\'m becoming increasingly interested in the RME Hammerfall DSP/cardbus sound card for laptops, with its GSIF drivers.

    Could you give us some stats on how the PCI version is working for you. What sort of poly count are you getting? Are you running it with a sequencer?



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