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Topic: 2 cards, dedicaterd PC, or multiclient?

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    2 cards, dedicaterd PC, or multiclient?

    I have enough spare parts to build a PIII 500mhz dedicated G-Studio PC. I also have an extra Audiophile 2496. Am I better off building the PC, running the second card, or using the multiclient driver on the midiman Omnistudio/Delta 66 combo?

    When running two cards on the same computer, what kinds of issues might I encounter


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    Re: 2 cards, dedicaterd PC, or multiclient?

    If your main DAW PC doesn\'t have enough horsepower to run both GS and a sequencer, you\'re better off putting GS on a dedicated machine. A PIII 500MHz will probably get you around 120-130 pop and click free voices. If you want to run off a single PC, a single or dual card configuration are equally efficient. The main advantage to a having a second card if if your main card isn\'t multiclient or doesn\'t have enough outputs. Then you could use the second card as a dedicated GS output device.

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