Owners of WamiRack24:

This new driver may fix the terrible problem of Win98SE/ME about VXDLDR crash. It has just be released and it is a beta version.

Pre release: New WaMi Rack 24 EWDM driver
Please download new E-WDM driver v.3.0(pre release) for WaMiRack24

New EWDM driver v.3.0(pre release)

Fixed : -6 dB problem (showing Windows Mixer )
Fixed : Sonar 16,24 bit record/play ( 24bit use by 32bit PCM left justify )
Fixed : Sound Forge 24bit record ( 32 float is not supported)
Fixed : Boot up White noise from Rack.
Fixed : Win2k/XP Log off problem
Fixed : Panel save from Win2k. XP
Fixed : Stop holding problem
Fixed : XP pause looping problem
Fixed : XP lost a block when recording.

Add : Multi Direct Sound support
Add : DirectWire - 8 channel
Add : Windows Volume Mixer
Add : GIGAStation 2K/XP Interface
Add : 1024, 2048 latency
Add : GSIF On/Off switch to protect VXDLDR crash from Win 98SE/ME