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Topic: The cheapest GSIF compatible card

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    The cheapest GSIF compatible card


    I need a GSIF compatible sound card....but I don\'t have much money....what do you suggest me?


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    Re: The cheapest GSIF compatible card

    Value version of Hoontechs Soundtrack Audio DSP 24 is $128rrp (extra $50 for midi & spdif)

    TerraTec® AudioSystem EWX 24/96 High Resolution Soundcard $179 (includes spdif, needs a midi breakout cable).

    Look for multiclient ability. The Hoontech has it - you\'ll definitely want itif you run anything audio at the same time as Gst.

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    Re: The cheapest GSIF compatible card

    You should also check out the M-Audio Audiophile. It has 24/96, spdif i/o, and onboard midi ports. I have one in my Giga dedicated pc and I love it. You can pick it up at www.soundchaser.com for $160. That\'s where I got mine and they\'re a pleasure to deal with.


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