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Topic: Gigastudio 160 + Audigy + WinXP

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    Gigastudio 160 + Audigy + WinXP

    I\'ve got Gigastudio 160, a soundblaster Audigy, and Windows Xp....Giga starts, and says it doesn\'t detect a GSIF compatible sound card. Now what? I bought Gigastudio, and now I can\'t use it?!?!?!!?

    Also, I won\'t put Win98 back in my computer....keeps crashing and really bad memory management!


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    Re: Gigastudio 160 + Audigy + WinXP

    A. The current version of GSt does NOT run on XP.

    B. The 2.5 update, soon to be released, WILL run on XP, but will not support non GSIF audio cards like the Audigy.

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