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Topic: Help ! Up an octave

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    Help ! Up an octave

    Just purchased and installed LE.
    Every .gig file seems to play one octave up.
    In other words, the Sacred_Scenes_For_Scoring demo sounds like chipmunks singing and the Rickenbacker I can\'t get to the lowest registers.
    PII, 233, 64 (soon to be 128) mg ram, Layla and SBLive.

    Thanks for any help

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    Re: Help ! Up an octave

    seems to be a problem with your samplerate settings. Are you clocking external with 88.2/96 kHz?

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    Re: Help ! Up an octave

    It turns out I was using Layla driver 5.0 and LE needs 5.01
    So everything is cool with Giga LE.
    However now I\'ve lost Layla completely in Cakewalk. The Layla ports show up but no actual playback of existing audio data and am unable to get any signal into Cakewalk.
    I\'m about to try Soundforge, etc...

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    Re: Help ! Up an octave

    Try freeing up outputs 1&2 so they are accessible in Cakewalk. In the Config\\output tab in GigaSampler, choose a different pair of outputs for the GigaSampler channels and uncheck the enable checkbox for 1&2. Thay may help the Cakewalk situation. For some reason, Cakewalk wants to have 1&2 in order to work with the Echo cards.

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    Re: Help ! Up an octave

    Hi Dave from NemeSys,
    Thanks for the tip about not using outs 1&2
    but I tried it and it\'s a no go :-(
    I tried all combinations of in and out ports.

    It seems Giga LE needs to have \"Enable Direct sound\" in Device manager/Layla/Properties \'NOT CHECKED \'
    And for some reason it seems Cakewalk needs it checked. I will do some further tests but this is starting to damage my hopes of this all actually working. There are three elements working or not working together...
    GIGA, Layla and Cakewalk. At this point I am very suspect of the Layla driver 5.01
    If I have to upgrade to the full GigaSampler I would, because I need this all to work together and at this point it is not.
    am very happy you are willing to post here and try to help me out. If you would like I can move our correspondence over to NemeSys tech support, whichever will work the best to get this resolved. I\'m losing a lot of valuable time here.
    Thanks for your time.


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    Re: Help ! Up an octave

    If you get the 1.61 GigaSampler, that will fix the direct sound check box problem. You will then be able to use the GigaSampler and also have the checkbox enabled and use Cakewalk better. 1.61 is the same as 1.6 but it addresses this problem and one other.
    After that, feel free to contact us at tech support. Sergio will take care of you.
    Good luck

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