Recently I purchased and customized a laptop for audio use. However, I am running into more than a few obsticles. I first purchased a TC Electronics 24D Firewire audio device, only to find its' drivers to be buggy, and that niether the TC box, nor my external firewire HD wanted to sit at the end of the firewire chain.

So, I returned the 24D and baught an EMU 1616. Only, now I discover that my laptop, and most recent models, no longer contain PCMCIA slots. So the EMU card is a bust.

Does anyone have any experience using a quality firewire audio device and an external HD?

Is an USB 2.0 external HD fast enough for audio work?

I am using Cubase SX 4 as a host under Windows XP home on a core 2 duo 2.16 GHZ processor with 2 gig RAM.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.