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Topic: Help me to choose!!!

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    Help me to choose!!!

    Who can help me to choose between RME Hammerfall 9652 and MOTU 2408mkII?
    Which of them is better for work with programm.synth, samplers and audio?

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    Re: Help me to choose!!!

    Hi Sergei,

    You don\'t give any information so it\'s impossible to answer your question without saying, \"It depends?\"

    I\'ll give a gross recommendation, by that I mean this greatly simplifies a complex situation. My suggestion is based on one simple variable, \"Do you prefers Windows or Mac?\"

    I don\'t know much about MOTU, but from what I\'ve heard they don\'t support the Windows platform very well. If you\'re on a Mac the 2408 could be the way to go. If you\'re on a PC it wouldn\'t be my first choice.

    I have a RME card (DIG96/8 PST, not the Hammerfall) and it works very well on my Windows system. I built a system to specs on RME\'s web site for a reference system and it works very well. Be aware that the Hammerfall requires either the expansion card or external converters. It doesn\'t have any by itself.


    Steve www.mp3.com/stevechandler
    aka Ettienne www.mp3.com/ettienne

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    Re: Help me to choose!!!

    Hammerfall is getting rave reviews from most people I know that use it. It all of depends on what kind of outputs and how many you want. For a whole lot of ADAT lightpipe outputs, that\'s the card to get.

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