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Topic: Controller Recommendation?

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    Controller Recommendation?

    I would like to purchase the Strad, but my controller is not up to the task, so I will need to purchase a new one (I have a Roland and Yamaha digital pianos with good hammer action, but no mod and pitch bend wheels, and no after touch).

    I was set on buying M-audio Axiom 61 due to semi-weight and nice feel on the keyboard (which I think complements my hammer actions keyboards). However, I read the requirement section of Strad and I think it says something like you need 72 keys (6 octaves). Is 61 keys too short to play? It means, I would have to buy another 88 keys, since 70 something keyboards are very hard to find.

    Any other suggestions? I rather not spend more than $300 or so (Axiom 61 is $299), and I don't like the rest of the M-Audio lines (prokeys, prostations and etc). I don't want hammer action fully weighted keys since I have 2 of those already.


    p.s. - can I chainlink 2 MIDI keyboards for Strad? Use the 61 keys for playing the notes and use the 88 keys for controlling the patch group? Only problem that I see is that then my left hand will be way too busy going between the mod/pitch wheels and then the controll the patch group in another keyboard. Maybe I will be better off with a new 88 key controller?

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    Re: Controller Recommendation?

    There should not be too much distance between the Modwheel/PitchBendwheel and the Keyswitch keys, since your left hand will have to control both with not much time to move the hand.

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    Re: Controller Recommendation?

    I have an E-Mu Xboard 49, and just got Stradiveri 2.0. I am dismayed to discover that it requires both an expression pedal and a sustain pedal. I do have both, but unfortunately the Xboard can accept only one at a time; so I fear I may be stuck. Suggestions?

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    Re: Controller Recommendation?


    You may consider assigning CC#64 to a knob (or a slider). Setting the knob to the maximum value (127), will yield the same result of pressing the sustain pedal.


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    Re: Controller Recommendation?

    Yeah but then I have to use my hand instead of my foot :-)

    Does anyone make an inexpensive foot pedal that emits MIDI? I could use software (e.g. MIDI-OX) to remap that pedal to the same device number as the keyboard.

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    Re: Controller Recommendation?

    I don't know how well the Continuum keyboard would interface to the Stadivari Violin, but it would certainly be the most violin-like midi keyboard controller around. They're very expensive though. Info here.



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    Re: Controller Recommendation?

    I'll say it's expensive.

    Is anyone keeping a list of which keyboards do and don't meet the requirements for Stradivari and Gofriller?

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    Re: Controller Recommendation?

    Quote Originally Posted by Andrew Koenig
    I'll say it's expensive.

    Is anyone keeping a list of which keyboards do and don't meet the requirements for Stradivari and Gofriller?
    I'm waiting for these instruments. Intend to use my State of the Art (twenty years ago!) Kawai keyboard. If you're not in a real hurry, I'll PM you when I've gotten an answer firsthand.

    Meanwhile, hunting for a good used older keyboard might provide the most cost effective solution. Older synths often provided aftertouch, and zoning (= KS ranges). I like the touch of my K4: it isn't a weighted keyboard, but it is quick and smooth, and the internal controls allow it to be used as a MIDI controller.

    Also, thank you, Giorgio, for the suggestion about using a knob on the XBoard. I have the '49, and find that it serves well; even the octave shift (one button) is quick enough for most purposes.

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    Re: Controller Recommendation?


    great price, after touch 61 keys, sustain and expression pedals input and so many knobs and fader that its possible for me to control just abotu everything in any vsti on it (will be great for synths and stuff like that where i can change everything on the controller instead of clicking them.

    but yeah after touch and the mod pitch and two pedal inputs means its a good option.

    £200 for a 61 key midi keyboard is good even without most of the features.

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    Red face Re: Controller Recommendation?

    Of course if you're a cheapskate and are looking for the opportunity to control three variables at once, try the Wii controller. About $40. Whee! Lots of fun. Best e

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