I have an Aardvark LX6 pro (or maybe it is
LS 6 or DX 6 or something like that, don\'t
remember exactly). Recently the following
problems have occurred:

When I first turn on the computer, and first
run GigaSampler, the first sound that comes
out of the soundcard is an awful screech.
Just about blew a pair of headphones and my
ears the first time this happened.

When the computer has been sitting for a
while not being used (not playing anything
through GS) and then I first play something
through GS, the sound comes out chopped up
for a few seconds before it settles down
and gets normal.

This only started happening recently. One
change I made recently, though I don\'t know
if it exactly coincides with this screeching
problem, is that I started using the
Aardvark card\'s built in DSP reverberation.
Perhaps the reverb algorithm has some issues
about initializing itself or gets in a
weird state when it sits for a while.