I\'m looking for the absolute BEST solution for a sound card and midi interface that will bring my latency down as far as possible!!!

Here is what I have going so far:

I built a PC using a VIA KT7A-RAID Mother board, AMD Athalon 1.2ghz, 768 MB Ram,
(2) 7200 RPM ATA/100 Hard Drives (1 for the system drive 1 for the audio drive) MOTU PCI-308 Audio Card, and a MOTO PC-FLYER 2x2 Midi Interface. I am running Windows 98 SE with GigaStudio 160 Installed. I am using a mac with ProtTools as my sequencer.

I have done all the the recommended tweaks and installed all the latest drivers, But I am still experienceing some latency when triggering MIDI from the Giga PC.

So I have come to the conclusion that the latency is somewhere in the sound card or midi interface.

So what is the Absolute Best Way To Go?
Ive Heard a lot about the Hammerfall Cards, and Ive heard a lot about these new EWDM and WDM Drivers and a EgoSYS MaX I/O card. Any Ideas Or Sugesstions on the best of Any Of These?

Also Im interested in your opinions of 98 SE vs. win2k . I will be upgrading when the Gigastudio Upgrade comes out in late november.

Thanks For Your Help!