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Topic: Is Egosys Giga Station any good?

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    Is Egosys Giga Station any good?

    I\'m a beginner at this stuff and haven\'t made my purchase of giga or a sound card... looking for some simple advice. I think I have relatively simple needs-- just want the ability to do sequencing, playback and use Giga sounds in the sequences. So, I\'m not sure if it really matters if I get gigastudio or gigasampler...

    anyway... does anyone have experience with Egosys Gigastation? Specifically, I\'m wondering how good the quality of the sound is from the board? And is it relatively a reliable/hassle/trouble-free setup (I realize my PC/hard drive is more the issue though)? Also, how about latency? And what\'s the deal with the bundled GigaStudio \"LE\"? How is it different from Gigastudio 96 and 160, and then I assume there\'s no upgrade path??

    Seems like gigastation is a simple one-stop-buy for a beginner at about $300 street. The other option I\'m considering is the Audiophile 2496 w/Gigasampler 96 LE for around $225.

    Any recommendations??

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    Re: Is Egosys Giga Station any good?


    Yes, making that big choice on an Audio Card can be frustrating if you look what is out there> I think most of the Audio cards out there are good quality but it truly depends on what you want to do with it now, and the future. I personally own the Aardvark Pro 24/96 soundcard and I think sonically it is very good! I think that the new Aardvark Q10 is incredible! I have seen it at Namm in action and I was Impressed. I like Aardvark because first of all the Soundcard itself is shielded and has its own dsp, which does not use your computer\'s cpu, therefore very fast, very stable, and sonically it beats them all! Today I am still waiting for Aardvark to bring out Drivers for Win2k and XP, whereas most other manufacturers have already designed Win2k/XP drivers. If you can wait for these drivers, I would say its worth the wait.I personally think that Egosys or Midiman Delta 1010 is a great soundcard too. If you are looking just for a pure digital card with ultra Low latency, I also suggest you look into RME HAMMERFALL. BUT Check out the Aardvark q10, EGOSYS WAMIRACK/Midiman DELTA 1010 you will be very happy with these.


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    Re: Is Egosys Giga Station any good?

    Hi Navin,

    You\'re smart to ask on a users board such as this one. I\'ll warn you right off the bat that you\'ll get conflicting information and it will only make your decision harder, though in the end perhaps better informed.

    My own experience with Ego Systems was with the Waveterminal 2496. It sounds fine, but it wouldn\'t work with one motherboard (Asus A7V) and Logic though it works fine with Giga and another m/board with a similar Via chipset (Tyan KX133 based board).

    I had very good luck with my RME Digi96/8 PST sound card. Their Hammerfall series is even better. They also suggest reference configurations that make sense. The bottomline is there are many good cards, but the ones at the bottom of the price heap are there for a reason. Ego Systems is based in Taiwan and they\'re a fairly new and small company. They\'re obviously putting a lot of effort into product development on the hardware side. From my experience I will be leery of buying something from them in the future, because what I wanted to do has never worked.

    If you really want the Ego Systems product I would have them suggest a hardware config and build a system to meet it. If that\'s not possible I\'d suggest you keep looking.

    Steve www.mp3.com/stevechandler

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    Re: Is Egosys Giga Station any good?

    Realy suspect also that you can´t get an
    answer anywhere, how the upgade-path is
    from the limited and special Giga-Studio
    version that is bundeled,.. and only W98.


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    Re: Is Egosys Giga Station any good?

    Well, thanks for your responses. I ordered the Audiophile 2496 and GigaSampler 64 \"SE\" (from 8th Street music). Both were $225 (you can get GigaSampler 64 SE for only $70 with purchase over $150). And Nemesys confirmed GigaSampler 64 SE can be upgraded to GigaStudio 96 for $50 under the current promo. So, doesn\'t seem like too bad of a deal.

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