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Topic: Audiophile 2496 compatible with AMD/ Via ?

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    Audiophile 2496 compatible with AMD/ Via ?

    hi all,

    Is the Midiman Audiphile 2496 or delta 66 compatible with Athlon series.
    I have kt7a Raid mobo with 1,33gig AMD.
    I heard some people having problems with the VIA chipset, causing crackles & pops.
    On the Midiman site they claim it\'s compatible but that doesn\'t mean much I guess
    If not, could anyone recommend me a medium budget quality card that works fine with Gigasampler & Amd Via mobo\'s like the Kt7a Raid?


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    Re: Audiophile 2496 compatible with AMD/ Via ?

    I use the audiophile very successfully with Asus A7-E mobo, 1.2GHz processor and 512MB of Ram. Running Logic and Gigastudio with no probs and no discernable latency.


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