Dear Users

I currently have the Aardvark Pro 24/96 soundcard, but am restricted with Midi ports. I do not know if it is an advantage to have a midiport directly on the soundcard, or if it is better to have a seperate midi port.

I am looking for a soundcard that will meet the following needs: Soundcard needs to have a mixer as I do not have a hardware mixer. I would like to use 2 keyboards both Midi, therefore I need two Midi Ports. A soundcard that is Sonically incomparable. A soundcard that already has stable Windows 2000 Drivers.
A soundcard with low latency, and most of all a soundcard that will work flawlessly with \"Sonar and GIgastudio\".

Is there anyone that can give me suggestions.

If I were to keep my Aardvark Pro 24/96, would it work just to buy a Midiman for extra Midi, or would there be a problem with timing having Midi playing from the Aardvark and the Midiman. Will it cause a sequence to be out of Sync?

What soundcard would you think suits my needs?