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Topic: Creamware Scope?

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    Creamware Scope?

    Anyone here using the Creamware Scope in a 2+ computer setup (i.e. 1 machine sequencer+hd recorder, other machine dedicated gstudio sampler)?
    I\'d like to equip both machines with scopes, however am not yet sure how well the scope works with gstudio and in such a configuration. Also wondering which format to use to transfer digital audio between the 2 machines (z-link, adat etc.?).

    thanks in advance


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    Re: Creamware Scope?

    If you can afford, The SOPE-SP($5,000) and GigaStudio160 with the P4-2GHz-1~2GB PC is a completed Studio system, just like studio-in-the-box. We currently have two SCOPE boards in the system with the Cakewalk/Sonar, we just feel that there would be nothing else that we shall need for Digital-Audio-Recording used (except for vocal or analog recording).

    See this for further info. http://www.creamware.de/en/Products/Scope_sp/default.asp http://www.harmony-central.com/News/2001/Cakewalk-Pentium-4.html

    Here is summary performance for standalone setup:
    This gives you fully Giga functionality at 160-voice-polyphony + Creamware STS-sampler at 64/96/128-voice polyphony (STS3000 + 4000 + 5000) + some DSP-synths + DSP-mixing effect-processing and 64+ audio@16B/44.1khz tracks. All apps above can run and mixdown at realtime with the effect processing, no need any sub-mixed or audio-rendering at all.

    In case to use any digital-audio-interface like Digital-mixer or other PCs for another Gigastudio160 expansion, the ADAT is the simple way, we are using this with the Tascam Digital Mixer for vocal-Rec, digital-gears and Ext-effs.

    Something you should know about compatibility:
    The Creamware Pulsar/Scope is good for GigaStudio with low GSIF latency (3~7MS), but for system setup is more complicated. You must find the right COMBO, otherwise will take you forever to optimize it. You must choose right CPU, motherboard/Chipset, harddrive, even video card, but you should not have anything else in the PC\'s PCI slots rather than Creamware product (even SCSI controller might not welcome in some cases).
    So, before to purchase it you should contact to Creamware for the advice about the hardware recommendation and compatibility, you could review it in the WEB page that gives you some ideas, even it might not up-to-date.

    BTW, what do you have now?
    If you currently own the Creamware product, you might already know it! Then it should be more straight forward.

    Hope this helps,

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