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Topic: GPO not recognised in Logic 7.2

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    Post GPO not recognised in Logic 7.2

    Hello to the forum

    This is my first post although I have used many threads in the past for problem solving. Thanks to you all for help in the past.

    Now my current problem.
    I have recently purchased an new macbook pro installed with Logic 7.2.
    I have just successfully loaded and registered GPO and used a custom install including the Audio Units option.
    When I booted up logic and opened up an audio instrument GPO was nowhere to be seen.
    About nine months ago I did exactly the sam install on an Apple G5 quad and it works fine. When I open the instrument I get the Natibe Instruments/GPO option.
    Any ideas anyone? Could it be Logic? Could it be the new Intel version of Logic?
    Am I just being thick somewher along the line?

    Any help much appreciated.


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    Re: GPO not recognised in Logic 7.2

    I had / have the same problem. The Kontakt player doesn't work with the new Mac Intel. I had to run Logic using Rosetta (Go to Get Info on the Logic app and click the box to open in Rosetta) but the performance suffers.

    On the Native Instruments website, they say that Kontakt player 2 will be intel compatible in October, 2006, which is right about now.

    I keep checking often. Can't wait to use Logic properly on the Macbook Pro.

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