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Topic: Remapping Clearmountain Drums II ?

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    Remapping Clearmountain Drums II ?

    I would like to remap, or create, a kit using the Clearmountain Drums II sounds. I don\'t want to change the parameters much, just pick out the various kicks, snares, etc., I want, and place them on the notes I want. I\'m guessing the only way to do this is by using the Big Mixing Kit, as I believe that\'s the only way you get access to all the sounds. Is that right?
    Any tips appreciated,

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    Re: Remapping Clearmountain Drums II ?


    i posted a similar request a while back and got little satisfaction. Im in the middle of a rather large project and will address this later. But, i imagine you can export the samples yu pick to a folder and then re import them and build a GIG file again with the notes and sounds you want.
    Should be able to this with everything not justthe big mixing kit. I havent tried but i imagine that should work.

    My probelm with it all is that the snare gigs and such dont seem to sound out. Some i have to push the pitch bend arm up to hear them as if theyre all programmed in in reverse...ifyou get my drift.

    Rather disappointed with it to be honest.
    VEry specific useage. Straight rock. Dont think that much of it....could have done a lot better myself with the budget. More variation in kits.

    The hype on all these sample cd\'s is a bit of a laugh. Go marketing.



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