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Topic: Audiophile as midi interface

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    Audiophile as midi interface

    I keep on hearing about how you shouldn\'t use USB midi interfaces with Giga. I haven\'t gotten Giga yet, but before I read that, I was planning on using my USB Midisport. Ah well. Anyways, I was also planning on using a Delta Audiophile 2496...has anyone used the midi on this? If so, have you (not) experienced any problems?

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    Re: Audiophile as midi interface

    No problems whatsoever.

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    Re: Audiophile as midi interface

    I am about to pick up the Audiophile 2496 and Gigastudio. I am currently using the USB version of MOTU\'s MidiXT. I will probably move the Gigastudio to it\'s own box at some point. Any idea of the likelihood of this Giga/USB being anything but a headache in the interim?

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