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Topic: Soundcard drivers for WinXP

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    Soundcard drivers for WinXP

    With the impending release of WindowsXP on October 25th (major brands have already XP installed) and the release of the XP compatible version of GS, I was wondering which manufacturers of soundcards have anounced (or perhaps already produced) XP compatible drivers for their soundcards.

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    Re: Soundcard drivers for WinXP

    Just use the Win2K drivers.

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    Re: Soundcard drivers for WinXP

    not all w2k dirvers work on xp. Aardvark is one of them

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    Re: Soundcard drivers for WinXP

    M-Audio already has WDM Multiclient/GSIF for 2k on their site,should work for XP.The only problem is the current Giga line won\'t work on either platform until the next release.

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