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Topic: What is wrong with SoundBlaster?

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    What is wrong with SoundBlaster?

    Does anybody knows why it is better to have a more specialized card than Soundblaster to use with Gigasampler?

    If I do not record, why would I need such a card?

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    Re: What is wrong with SoundBlaster?

    Sound Blasters are ok for just practicing or whatever. Some of them are pretty noisy though and the convertors aren\'t that great. Plug one of them into a mixer and you\'ll see how noisy they can be.

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    Re: What is wrong with SoundBlaster?

    The Soundblaster cards are fine for casual use but they are behind the fidelity of Gigasampler and its sound libraries. The reason people want to use better sound cards is because they want a system where all the components are of comparable quality - no weak links. So, as the popular gameshow goes, \"Soundblaster, you are the weakest link. Goodbye!\"

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    Re: What is wrong with SoundBlaster?

    If I understand correctly the two previous posts, a SoundBlaster card output is noisy, so when I plug my card into another device, it will not be very good, right?

    Is the line input also a problem?

    Now, if I only produce my stuff directly on my PC, is SoundBlaster still an issue? Let\'s say I record some MIDI stuff though a sequencer with Giga samples. Then I capture the stuff as audio, I edit it, and I burn it on CD. Is there still a weakest link?

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    Re: What is wrong with SoundBlaster?

    Giga has its own capture to wave function. Can anyone verify that this works independently of the quality of the sound card? If it does, then your Soundblaster wouldn\'t be a problem. On the other hand, only you can determine if your SB card is quiet and clean enough for your own purposes.

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    Re: What is wrong with SoundBlaster?

    I use sblive, including its reverb effects, and I have detected some noise, but barely audible. Since the reverb effects are hardware-based, they seem clearer to me than even the best plugin reverb effect, including waves Rverb. Having said that, I\'m sure there are better effects cards as far as reverb is concerned. But Cake and GS compatibility are the issue. Some folks like the reverb on Universal Audio\'s effects card. A subject for another discussion.

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    Re: What is wrong with SoundBlaster?

    The capture to wave function in GS occurs on the harddrive only. You\'re soundcard will not affect the quality of the wav file at all. You could, if you wanted, just use your soundblaster card to monitor while you compose and then capture to wave.
    Basically, if you want to ALWAYS capture to wave then you don\'t need to worry what kind of soundcard you have.
    If your audio editor resides on your GS PC then you have nothing else to worry about. If not then you\'re going to have to figure out Networking or a CD-Burner or something to get those big .wav files off your GS PC and into your audio editor.


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    Re: What is wrong with SoundBlaster?

    I use a Soundscape Mixtreme plus a Soundblaster live with digital I/O. The Mixtreme clock is driven by the SB at 48 kHz. The Giga output is digitally routed to the SB to get pure reverb, which is then added to the original signal within the Mixtreme mixer. This setting yields real time reverb of excellent quality without any load on CPU. It also allows to add different amounts of verb to the individual channels.


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    Re: What is wrong with SoundBlaster?

    I got Sound Blaster Audigy (100db SNR...) , and it is very clean.

    But why doesn\'t GS recognize my card under Windows 2000/XP??? Because of the f****ing WDM drivers from soundblaster or only GS that doesn\'t want to support my sound card?

    I would like very very much to use my Audigy Platinum on Windows XP, where the disk and memory management are FAR superior than crappy Win98, OS on which I\'m stuck with because of this.


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    Re: What is wrong with SoundBlaster?

    As I said in the other thread, the Audigy’s not a GSIF card, and not supported under Win2K.

    Are you a beta tester for v2.5? If not, why are you asking these questions? 2.2 doesn’t run under XP. If you are, this isn’t the place to be asking.

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