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Topic: To Elle Re: Dell Inspiron 8000/8001

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    To Elle Re: Dell Inspiron 8000/8001

    Hey Elle,

    Don\'t know if you\'ve been following but Dell has finally addressed the fan issue.

    Go to
    http://support.dell.com/us/en/filelib/download/index.asp?fileid=R34388&sid=INS_PNT_P3CG_8000&lang =EN&lib=1&os=W98&searchtype=filter&devid=946&type= BIOS

    You will find Inspiron 8000 FlashBIOS Version A17 which addresses the following issues:

    Issues Fixed:
    1. Fixed issue in which the system may intermittently display a \"no boot device available\" message when attempting to boot to any device other than the floppy disk drive.

    2. Fixed issue seen under WinME in which the system may not resume from suspend to the correct display(s) when an external CRT is attached.

    3. Fixed audio stuttering heard when the fans turn on or off while playing music or videos.

    4. Fixed \"Unsafe Device Removal\" warning message seen under Win2K after removing an IDE device or swapping from an IDE device to a battery.

    5. Fixed issue seen under Win2K in which the LCD may fail to turn off when the lid is closed.

    1. Added additional optimizations to the battery charging algorithm.

    Hope this helps.

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    Re: To Elle Re: Dell Inspiron 8000/8001

    yezz.. and any issues remaining can be controlled by the updated utility from Michael Henze: http://www.diefer.de/micha_henze/i8kfangui.html

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