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Topic: needs some input on networking 2 PC's

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    needs some input on networking 2 PC\'s

    hello. I am putting together my component list for my Daw and need some advice.This forum has been a BIG help,lots of helpful folks out there.SOOOO....I am trying to network (2) PC\'s , one running Cakewalk w/the SBlive and WaveLab and a DAW just for GigaStudio with the WavePCI card.Both will be Nic\'ed.Does this sounds like a good setup?also intending on using the Tascam TDM1000 for A/D conversion amd lightpipe transfers.Anybody out there using a similar setup.Thanks.Pray for world Peace.Ronin

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    Re: needs some input on networking 2 PC\'s

    Hi Ronin

    Networking your 2 PCs is an excelent and cheap idea. I use the network to transfer audio & program files all the time & can\'t live without the extra functionality. For 2 PCs, all you need is a UTP \"crossover\" cable - if you get another PC later, you will need a hub. For transfering large audio files, a 100MHz hub is way better than the cheaper 10MHz models.

    If you go with the crossover cable idea, you may have to tune up the network cards: go into the card properties and change the connection speed from \"auto negotiate\" to \"100 MHz\" and duplex from \"auto\" to \"half-duplex\". Some cards automatically connect at full speed while others seem to need tuning.


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