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Topic: The Next Windows After Vista

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    The Next Windows After Vista

    Information Week has an interesting article:

    The Next Windows After Vista Will Demand Radical Rethinking From Microsoft

    "Microsoft is at a crossroads, and the operating system that follows Vista will likely mark a serious break from the past. That is, if Microsoft can figure out how to do things differently.

    While it's putting the finishing touches on Vista--a near-final test version could arrive this week--Microsoft is at work on the next major version of its most important product, a system code-named Vienna that's supposed to introduce a whole- sale reworking of the Windows desktop. Before that, a tune-up of Vista, dubbed Fiji, is in the works.

    Windows Vista The next version of Microsoft's operating system will include a new user interface that automatically sorts related files into folders, an improved search engine, and more powerful graphics technology. Windows Fiji An interim release of Windows after Vista, this tune-up may include bug fixes and new features Windows Vienna after Vista is likely to include a revamped desktop and the ability to wall off old code from critical parts of the system and deliver features over the Web..."

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    Re: The Next Windows After Vista

    The next newer version which I know is windows 7. It was little bit same as vista but given good speed to performing our work. It provide good security regarding threats and it contain some advanced tools in it and give new experience which was best for me.

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