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Topic: RME cards..how are they?

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    RME cards..how are they?

    Hey everybody,

    I intend to get a new soundcard for Gigastudio, and I\'ve heard some good things about the RME card. I plan to get a 96/8, and just use the adat outputs (8 out).
    Can anyone share some of their RME experiences, good or bad? I\'d specifically like to hear from other users who use their card in a similar fashion (i.e only digital outputs). How\'s the latency, quality etc.?



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    Re: RME cards..how are they?

    I\'ve used the DIGI 96/8 PST for both Giga and Logic. It works just fine and did NOT have the compatibility problems I\'ve had with other cards running on either of two Asus Athlon boards (Via KX133 and KT133 chipsets). In other words, I recommend it highly. As a bonus it sounds good too.

    Steve www.mp3.com/stevechandler www.mp3.com/ettiennne

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