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Topic: Latency with Wamirack24

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    Latency with Wamirack24

    I\'ve read on this forum that latency with the Wamirack24 and Gigastudio can be as low as 3 ms. Can anyone else confirm this or have comments? I\'m getting 15-18 ms with my Wavecenter PCI card, as well as an Echo Darla and would like to get it down under 10ms. The lack of an ADAT i/o is frustrating but if latency can be that low than I would be very interested.

    dedicated Giga machine
    PIII 1 gHz
    256 megs RAM
    20gig system
    60 gig IBM 7200 sample drive

    Thanks for any replies.

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    Re: Latency with Wamirack24

    I used the WAMIrack breifly before moving up to an RME Hammerfall to get ADAT interfaces. The WAMI had sub 10 mSec latency once I tweaked Windows up, but the Hammerfall is faster. See if you can demo one or both at your dealer - the WAMI is a great choice if you also have analogue instruments to record (and no, I\'m keeping mine!)


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    Re: Latency with Wamirack24

    Thanks for the info. Do you think the Digi96/8 PST would be a suitable card? I like the option of adding the analog expansion not to mention the price is right.


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