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Topic: Hoontech's SoundTrack Audio DSP24 Value

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    Hoontech\'s SoundTrack Audio DSP24 Value

    I\'m thinking of buying this soundcard. Does any of you have this? What do you think of it? And do I need my SbLive! anymore?

    Thanks again...

    (I wonder why they give so long names to soundcards )

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    Re: Hoontech\'s SoundTrack Audio DSP24 Value

    I\'ve got a Hoontech C-Port/DSP24 and I have
    a SBLive in another computer and the
    sound of the DSP24 has much better dynamics
    with better stereo image - the DSP24 is in a whole different league.

    The DSP24 Value card is sort of like a stripped down version of the DSP24, but
    I\'ve heard that the sound is just as good
    as the DSP24 card itself ( that is without
    the DSP2000 AD/DA box ).

    Take a look at this review: http://www.tweakmax.com/html/dsp24v/dsp24-1.cfm

    And this Hoontech support group for
    more info: http://www.hoontech.de
    select Support and go to the Q&A Forum.

    If youre going to use it with Gigastudio
    please notice that the DSP24 Value can\'t
    be expanded with boxes and stuff, like the
    regular DSP24

    On thing for sure:
    You won\'t need your SBLive anymore.


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