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Topic: Calling All Logic Users Help Dpdan

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    Calling All Logic Users Help Dpdan

    Hi everyone,

    If you use Logic 7.1.1 would you be so kind and PM me with some advice on using a multi-instrument environment. Or, if you would be so kind to create one with a few GPO instruments, that would be great too!

    Thank in advance.


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    Re: Calling All Logic Users Help Dpdan

    I only have Logic express and don't know how to do much with it yet, so this post is mainly to bump your thread back up.

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    Re: Calling All Logic Users Help Dpdan

    well thank you, you're so kind!


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    Re: Calling All Logic Users Help Dpdan

    I sent this to Dan in a PM, but I figured I'd post it here so that everyone could benefit.


    In this zip file there is a logic song with an a multi channel GPO string quartet loaded up, the same setup without GPO loaded since I'm not sure how logic handles things when AUs and samples are stored in the same places and I don't have the most up to date version of GPO installed, and directions for how to create a multi channel instrument environment. This is specifically geared towards multi channel (multiple outputs) instruments, though if you just want to create a stereo instrument and have all of the mid channels, it's almost exactly the same same process, but just minus the Aux tracks.

    If you have any Logic questions, feel free to send me a PM or IM.

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