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Topic: Long wait times with G3 Orchestra

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    Long wait times with G3 Orchestra

    I am using G3 Orchestra and experiencing extremely long wait/hang times when I initially open Gigastudio, immediately after I open or save a performance file and after I export track(s) to wav files. When I disable the automatic quicksound database update in the settings, Gigastudio opens faster, but I am no longer able to export to wav until I turn the quicksound option back on. Does this sound familiar? Any recommended solutions? Thanks.

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    Re: Long wait times with G3 Orchestra

    giga is a big program..especially Orchestra..and requires a big fast loaded with ram technically correct machine to run it..My guess would be to add the max ram you can..update all hardware drivers..in particular your sound card and video card..update windows..are you clicking on the + sign to expand your library to select your instrument and selecting just one instrument?..go to device manager and look for any problems..run antivirus/spyware..wav files are usually huge files..is your machine big eneough to handle all you are throwing at it?..as you know there have been some break thrus on the CPU side of the problem ..the new Core Duos(and now Quad core with 8 cores coming..and laser optic driven buses!!) from intel will end all these problems..as well as the new NAND flash solid state hard drives which are twice as fast as rotating hard drives..some of the high end solid state drives are 5,000 times faster than what is currently availabile in spinning drives..but that does not solve your problem of course..I guess we all have to make do with what we have..you might try an after market memory optimizer,,make sure you have giga configured correctly as well as your sequencer

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