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Topic: is the Audiophile 2496 a GSIF soundcard ???

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    is the Audiophile 2496 a GSIF soundcard ???

    I just got Gigastudio 160 today and the Midiman Audiphile 2496...Nemesys says it\'s GSIF compatible but for some reason it says within the Giga160 app ( right above the hardware panel ) that is not a GSIF compatible ....is this true or just a bug with the software..i got version 2.0...thanks

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    Re: is the Audiophile 2496 a GSIF soundcard ???

    You have to download the multiclient drivers from their site and install them,the card usually ships the normal MME drivers.Download the driver uninstaller while your there as it will save you a bit of work.

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    Re: is the Audiophile 2496 a GSIF soundcard ???

    i did d/l the driver the from M-audio site...i did not notice wether it says multiclient or not but it\'s the only driver i could find available for the 2496...
    Under the hardware pannel ( in Giga ), it says : Delta-AP Gigasampler driver and above it , it says GSIF Compatible : No.

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    Re: is the Audiophile 2496 a GSIF soundcard ???

    It certainly is GSIF compatible. I had no problem getting GSt160 to recognise it, even with the old drivers. Which did you install first - the card or GSt?

    BTW, the multiclient drivers you need are \"Delta VXD Multiclient ASIO/MME/EASI/GSIF 07.15.01\". It doesn\'t say \"Audiophile\", but these are the multiclient drivers.


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    Re: is the Audiophile 2496 a GSIF soundcard ???

    In Gigastudio, click on DSP Station(on the left), click on the \"master\" tab, and tell me what you see.

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    Re: is the Audiophile 2496 a GSIF soundcard ???


    well i see GSIF compatible ( Delta-AP GIgasample driver ) but on the settings ( hardware/routing ) page it says GSIF compatible : No...weird.
    My other concern is S-convert keeps freezing at different point in the conversion with various Akai Cds and also once in a while Giga just freeze when i\'m clicking within the app.
    My set up is : Giga 160 2.0, Tyan MB, 768 Mg ram, Audiophile 2496, Thunderbird 1.4 Ghz. 2 7200rpm drive ( one for OS , one for Gig file )Thunderbird 1.4 Ghz. nYamaha CDRW 2100


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    Re: is the Audiophile 2496 a GSIF soundcard ???


    Is your machine a Pentium 4? If so, these are notoriously bad for audio work due to inferior floating point processors. Just something to check.

    Good luck!

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    Re: is the Audiophile 2496 a GSIF soundcard ???

    Let me guess,Via chipset??

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    Re: is the Audiophile 2496 a GSIF soundcard ???

    Hi all
    I got timing problems with the Audiophile 2496. All is (almost) fine until I reach 60% memory, and after that it\'s a mess... One pop every 5 minutes or so, and after this pop all the MIDI coming from the G4 is delayed...
    I tried EVERYTHING, and the only way to go back to normal operation for the next 5 minute is to do a harware reset in GS, it initialise (sort of) the audiophile and all works for a short time.
    Dedicated machine (will be soon dedicated to word if nothing gets better)
    ASUS A7V133-C (yes I know : VIA)
    Thunderbird 1.2Ghz 266
    3 IBM GXP HD (2 on a raid0 iWill card, fast as hell, 1 for W98se)
    Audiophile 2496
    768 sdram
    Opcode XTC64 (I figured out how to have it working with W98se)

    I tried disabling VM, all settings of VCACHE, all my DMA are checked, I tried 3 different PCI slots for the Audiophile, I got 160 voices, no crashes, no clickpops except the one described above... Which is getting me nervous.
    What is the mess about VIA chipset?
    Any solution?
    Thanx all

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    Re: is the Audiophile 2496 a GSIF soundcard ???

    I am also experiencing the same problem. In the settings tab GigaStudio 96 reports that my AudioPhile 2496 is not Giga Compatable. However, in the DSP section the Audiophile is reported as compatable.

    The only proglem that I have with GigaStudio is when I try to mixdown several Gigastudio Audio output channels that utilize large giga files (gigapiano, etc.) I get drop-outs. If I record the large instrument tracks to audio by themselves and then mix down the audio tracks no problem. Also, if I mix down several GigaStudio aduio tracks with small instruments (>300K each) no problem. The strange thing is that while recording, the monitored audio shows no hint of the drop-out occuring, it only shows up on the recorderd mix-down track when it is later played back. Don\'t know if this is related or not.

    Is this a bug in GigaStudio or in the Audiophile drivers? I have the newest multiclient drivers available (4.1.0022.38). My machine is a PIII-1000 with the ASUS CUSL2-C Black Pearl motherboard. Intel 815 (NOT VIA) chipset. 512 MB PC 133 Ram. Two 60 GB Maxtor ATA 100 hard drives each operating in UDMA 5 mode. The Audiophile 2596 audio card. Cubase and Logic sequencers (drop-out problem happens with each sequencer when GigaStudio 96 is used with large instruments).

    Anyone have any ideas as to what is going on?

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