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Topic: Soundcard for Gigastudio

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    Soundcard for Gigastudio

    I\'m about to by a new card,
    Simple question (I\'ll use your replies
    as a small poll):
    Which one is the best for Gigastudio?

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    Re: Soundcard for Gigastudio

    It depends what you want to do with it and how much you\'re willing to spend. If you have simple needs (2-channel, line in/out, digital in/out) you could be very happy with a card like the Echo MIA which is a clean, quiet, 24-bit, 96k, GSIF card for about $200. This card does not have MIDI ports (many pro audio cards do not).

    GigaStudio isn\'t overly fussy about the sound card. It will work with any card sporting GSIF drivers and it will also work with less exotic cards if they support DirectSound. My old SBLive, for example, works fine with it. The MIA sounds a lot better though! - Doug

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