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Topic: wavecenter pci

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    wavecenter pci

    I am having problem hearing my wavecenter pci with giga. I am feeding the light pipe to a MAC/2408. I am able to hear waves from the computer, just can\'t hear anything from Giga. I\'ve played around with the outputs but still can\'t get any sound. Anyone with any experience with this setup please post.

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    Re: wavecenter pci

    Which software are you using with GigaStudio? Cakewalk, etc.?

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    Re: wavecenter pci

    I have a similar setup, running 2 WaveCenter PCI cards into a 2408 Mk II in my Mac. If you provide more details regarding your software setup I would be happy to help. You can email me privately if you prefer on asymonds@tig.com.au

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    Re: wavecenter pci

    This may not be related by I had exactly the same problem with an Ego Systems Waveterminal 2496. It turned out I had to enable Giga in a drop down menu that was very well hidden (right click on the control center and there it was). Your problems with Mac2408 may be completely different.


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