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Topic: New Giga User Setup Advice

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    New Giga User Setup Advice

    I\'m almost afraid to ask this question among all you dedicated professionals, but here it goes anyway. I\'m purchasing an IBM 1U server to run only Gigastudio. But I know nothing about PC soundcards and all the different nuances that go into setting up a glitch free system. I need a card that has multiple AES I/O. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Is IBM the right way to go, blah blah blah -- basically I need help. It\'s great to see people share their thoughts and triumphs in such a harmonius manner, I\'ve been reading this post for some months now and hope to add to this already great site. Sorry for the length and corny-ness just excited to interact with good people. Thanks

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    Re: New Giga User Setup Advice

    A 1 ru IBM server is usually a system designed to act as a server and may not have the room necessary to fit a sound card. Are you buying it because somebody offered you a good deal or because you have a really small space?

    As I wrote in another thread, the biggest issue with DAWs is chipset compatibility with the sound card. RME on their site offers reference PCs (www.rme-audio.com) in their technical section. There is also a lot of good information on tweaking systems for highest performance. I would choose a sound card first and then get a system built to meet its requirements.

    I think it can be safely said that custom built PCs are both cheaper and better performing than name brand systems. As for a card with multiple AES I/O, IIRC the AES i/o is not real estate freindly and you\'ll probably need a breakout box (external unit of some kind). Checkout bayview pro audio (www.bayviewproaudio.com) for good deals and knowledgable people. They\'ll even build your PC. Good luck.

    Steve www.mp3.com/stevechandler

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    Re: New Giga User Setup Advice

    I purchased it because of the space saving and the overall aesthetics of the machine. I can still set this machine to work like anyother PC and if I use any of the RME cards I think they should fit, I\'m still looking for the AES box though.

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