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Topic: aardvark pro lx6??????

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    aardvark pro lx6??????

    does anybody know this soundcard aardvark pro lx6 .and the efects like reverb and compressor sounds really good.
    thanx for any post.

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    Re: aardvark pro lx6??????

    The effects and verb are very good in the LX6. I have had mine for over a year and fully intend to purchase another to allow direct recording into Logic Audio.

    I do not use the effects on the card. I use plug-ins. Not to say there is anything at all inadequate with the card...I just prefer other means of effects processing.

    Having said that, I recommend Aardvark cards simply for the phenomenal amount of shielding that is built into the card. I have my monitor setting approx 4\" from my breakout box and there is ABSOLUTELY NO NOISE from either the monitor or from the computer itself. NONE!!! The Aardvark cards are used in numerous recording studios for just this reason..You won\'t be disappointed!



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    Re: aardvark pro lx6??????

    thanx a lot for your reply was great ,midirat1255.

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