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Topic: Anyone using the DSP 2000 C-Port?

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    Anyone using the DSP 2000 C-Port?

    Just need to know your comments as I am looking to buy one....

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    Re: Anyone using the DSP 2000 C-Port?

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size=\"1\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Bryan:
    Just need to know your comments as I am looking to buy one....<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    I bought on about a month ago - The sound
    is certainly much better than my SBLive
    card and the multiclient thing is great,
    and I\'m actually begining to like the monster -
    However you have to prepare yourself for
    some sleepless nights trying to figure out
    how the damn thing works, how to live with its flaws and how to configure your setup.

    I\'ve had several problems to overcome and its taken me several weeks to get to point where I actually can make music again.

    There\'s some flaws I\'ve come about:

    1) Once in a while (after a crach ) you
    get no sound after a boot.
    Solution: switch the ext.box off and on

    2) Crash when closing an application using
    the drivers.
    Solution: Seems to be a Midi-thing.
    When I turn of the active Midi In BEFORE
    shuting down the application there\'s no

    3) S/N ratio on recording is lower than
    specs. Haven\'t got a solution to this yet,
    but a guy at the hoontech forum say he
    has achieved a peak S/N level of -97 dB

    There are some forums where you can get help:
    Se www.hoontech.de -> Support: Q&A forums
    Here to tech-people working or associated with Hoontecch answers questions.

    Also if you buy, it I\'ll try to assist you in this forum.

    Kind regards

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