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Topic: GPO Volume Control Problem--Help Needed

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    GPO Volume Control Problem--Help Needed


    I've been using GPO Studio thru Finale for over a year now and have have never had any problems up until about two weeks ago. Now, when I try to play back a Midi file--either thru Finale or Sonar 5--the volume knob on the Kontakt Player automatically turns WAY up so that all the instruments distort. Turning the knob down has absolutely no effect--they just turn right back up. I checked the dynamic levels in Sonar and it appears the midi levels are correct. So something seems to be interfering with the Kontakt Player.

    About the only thing that's changed on my system in the past two weeks is that I added a new midi controller, an M-Audio Pro 88. I don't know if that could have anything to do with the problem.

    My OS is Widows XP and I have a Tascam FW-1804 (ASIO) external audio card. I also use Sonar 5 Producer.

    Has anyone else had such a problem, or have an idea how I can fix this problem? Please help, it's literally keeping me up at nights.

    Many thanks.


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    Re: GPO Volume Control Problem--Help Needed

    There are two ways to control static volume in the GPO player: If the "use cc7 and cc10" box in the player's Options menu is deactivated then the player's volume knob setting should be saved with your song file (and stay put during use since the player will ignore any incoming volume or pan data.) The graphic controls in the player itself - the mod wheel, pitchwheel, and keyswitches - are there for testing purposes only. There is no communication from the player to your sequencer, only the other way around.

    If, on the other hand, you have the "use cc7 and cc10" option activated then all control must come from data in your tracks. You will need to play from an external source (like a keyboard) or draw data directly into your tracks. Go easy on the values of cc7, it is very easy to overload the audio with settings above about 64.


    P.S. Your sequencer could be sending default cc7 values (usually between 90 and 100 - which is too much.) If you have the option activated this could account for your jumps in volume.

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    Re: GPO Volume Control Problem--Help Needed

    Thanks Tom. Your advice helped some. I turned down the volume in the "human playback" window and I can now at least playback my scores without getting the distortion. (But I must say that this is not a problem on my laptop computer). However, something is still screwy with the overall sound and with the volume controls. On some of the instruments I get no right channel at all and on others I still cannot control the volume.

    I'm really beginning to think this problem has something to do with Finale's playback. Although why it suddenly went awry is beyond me.

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