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Topic: Creative Labs Audigy

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    Creative Labs Audigy

    Hopefully Creative\'s new card will be backwards compatible with the Live, or Nemesys/Tascam will have some work to do.
    I\'ve always thought that the EMU10K1 chip on the Live is capable of phenominal things, and the new Audigy chip is supposed to be 4 times more powerful. Neat.

    (And, no, the card hasn\'t been released yet, but I\'ll be getting one as soon as they are.)

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    Re: Creative Labs Audigy

    2ms latency is nice..well actually, after running APS drivers at 8ms i couldn\'t tell the difference!

    Shame they still install all the gaming bloatware (not to mention eax settings in the registry..what were they thinking..)and regardless of \'official statements\' you can run Audigy drivers with SBLive

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    Re: Creative Labs Audigy

    That\'s why I install drivers only on my machines.

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