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Topic: lexicon core 2 works good with gigastudio?

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    lexicon core 2 works good with gigastudio?

    i\'m planning to buy a professional sound card and a friend said that lexicon core 2 is very cheap and his right . u$170 + - .4 imputs and 8 outputs but works good with gigastudio?
    thanx guys!!!!

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    Re: lexicon core 2 works good with gigastudio?

    Forget about it. The Core2 does not support Gigasampler nor will it ever according to the arrogant Lexicon tech support individual that I personally talked to over the phone. In addition, if you are a Cakewalk 9.x user, beware that this card does not support wavepipe acceleration which is perhaps the best feature of Cakewalk 9.x. Lexicon once again refused to address the problem by arrogantly stating that this is a Cakewalk issue not a Lexicon problem. I will NEVER purchase another Lexicon product. The only reason why this card is so cheap now is that nobody wants it and it has been just sitting on the shelf. When this card was first launched it sold for about $500. It doesn\'t even sound that good anymore compared to some of the cards that have come out since it debuted. Do yourself a favor and steer clear of this card. Peace.

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    Re: lexicon core 2 works good with gigastudio?

    nazaru thanx a lot for your reply.i\'m a cakewalk 9 user.
    but now ,do you know a good but not too expansive sound card.
    i have 300,00 bucks.
    thanx again

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    Re: lexicon core 2 works good with gigastudio?

    I know that the quality of the M-audio cards is excellent and they will support you well with Giga and Cakewalk. There are several cards that fit your price range available. Check out the web site and see. Also if you are planning to upgrade to Sonar, M-audio has the best WDM drivers available according to the Cakewalk rep that I talked to at a Sonar demonstration. According to him, M-audio worked closely with Cakewalk in testing the WDM drivers. All I know is that I don\'t have any problems out of my Delta 1010. I hear that the latest Echo cards are very good and there is a card called MIA that is in your price range but I haven\'t personally used an Echo card since the 20 bit Gina a couple of years ago. Hope this helps. Peace.

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    Re: lexicon core 2 works good with gigastudio?

    thanx nazaru for this soundcard class!!!!

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